October's Review - Bursary Holders' Concert
April's Review “Erin takes first prize!”
Boxgrove Priory
“...a special thank you to the lady who sang Ave Maria - it was stunning. She should be very proud.”
Boxgrove Priory
“The music at our ceremony was fantastic and you really made my day.”
St Peter's Church, Selsey
“You were a perfect bridesmaid Erin, and, as ever, your singing made me cry (in a good way!).”
Pavillion Arts Centre, Buxton
The programme was punctuated with scintillating performances from guest soloist Erin Alexander. Erin is a glittering talent; her slight but elegant figure belies the vocal power she is capable of generating. Her versatility was demonstrated in The Girl in 14G, where she astonished us with an awesome range of vocal styles from Broadway musical, moody cabaret, Mozartian coloratura, grand Italian Opera and Wagnerian helden-soprano. The duets by the prodigiously talented Erin Alexander and Matt Mellor were achingly beautiful.
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Military Wives @Milwiveschoir
Whilst we were in Buxton we were honoured to meet the true star of the show the incredibly talented (star of the future) @ErinAlexander93 x
Military Wives @Milwiveschoir
@ErinAlexander93 just remember us when you are the next Lesley Garrett or Katherine Jenkins x x you are amazing x
Christopher Ellis @pianoman359
Hope @ErinAlexander93 is lapping up the praise on the TMVC guest page! Thoroughly deserved, you were FANTASTIC!
Edwina Currie @Edwina_Currie
@Nurse_ginge @maggiemay2149 @salsplainmwc@erinalexander93 At 18, Erin is everyone's daughter. We so wish her well & look forward to next time
Salisbury Plain MWC @salsplainmwc
@ErinAlexander93 the pleasure was all ours! You are a beautiful and talented young lady :) xx
Buxton Opera House
Eighteen-year-old Erin Alexander sparkled as brightly as her jewelled evening gowns in seven stunning solos, including I Vow To Thee My Country and Air Des Bijoux from Faust. Erin's sensational singing earned her the accolade of "the next Lesley Garratt or Katherine Jenkins" from Edwina Currie.

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Tideswell MVC
Erin Alexander is a vocal prodigy. At eighteen years old (astonishingly!) it is difficult to see how her voice can further improve since it has arrived at a level of maturity and sonority which give her the ability to deliver ambitious pieces such as "Un Bel Di Vedremo" (One Fine Day) and "Air Des Bijoux" (The Jewel Song). She sings with convincing authority and with an elegance and grace of movement which are perfectly choreographed with the mood of the lyrics. Her voice is never less than beautiful - we shall hear more of Erin Alexander.

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Daneside Theatre, Congleton
As a music critic, my task in reviewing the concert which took place at Daneside Theatre Congleton on the evening of 1st September would have been easier if there had been any imperfections to draw attention to; but there were none!

Erin Alexander was undoubtedly the star of the show.

Erin's slight but elegant figure and girlish charm belie the formidable talent which this young soprano can summon. The voice is versatile and capable of mature sonorities astonishing in one so youthful. She has a disarming ability to engage and develop a rapport with an audience - relaxed and confident and with a stamina that is enviable, she entertained us with a succession of beautifully presented songs to increasingly enthusiastic response from a delighted auditorium.

Equally at home with demanding songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber or Krieger's Dream Girls, she demonstrated another side to her (usually classical) singing personality. As if this were not enough, each song was accompanied with breath taking virtuosity by Christopher Ellis (TMVC's principal accompanist).

I may have been frustrated by my lack of anything less than perfect to criticise, but I have to concede, I have never before made my way through a foyer at the end of a show, overhearing so many expressions of appreciation at an evening's performance.
St. Matthews Church, Hayfield
"Well, I thought it was a cracking evening. Simply wonderful music - and to hear Erin Alexander, aged only 18, at the beginning of her career, was a privilege." - Edwina Currie

Buxton Advertiser - 'Erin Set To Star'
Hazel Grove Concert, Stockport
We were joined this evening by a very elegant young soprano: Erin Alexander. Superlatives fail to describe this young lady's performance. Looking confident and radiant, she addressed the audience in light pleasant tones which gave no hint of what was to follow. Then, with a poise and maturity beyond her seventeen years, she treated the audience to a sonorously beautiful demonstration of virtuoso singing which left everyone in no doubt that we were in the presence of a new and very special talent.